Hella Berry casts in Mark Wahlberg starrer Netflix’s ‘Our Man from Jersey’

Hella Berry casts in Mark Wahlberg

Oscar-winner Hella Berry is coming back to Netflix with a bang. Recently the actress locked the deal with Netflix to feature in Mark Wahlberg starrer Blue Collar Spy thriller ‘Our Man From Jersey’.

Earlier it was announced that renowned writer David Guggenheim is going to handle the scripting department of the project and though the details are still under the wraps. But as per the speculation, Our Man from Jersey seems to have some special roots connected to the spy mania of James Bond.

The interesting thing about the project is that the makers have already cast marvelous actors for the lead but they haven’t chosen a filmmaker to direct their venture. Netflix is still looking for a renowned director to lock a deal with.

Wahlberg and Netflix have been great collaborators, for long now, earlier he and his longtime buddy Stephen Levinson handled the production of Netflix original Spenser Confidential. Earlier it was argued that if the project has some connection with Jame Bond and it is a Blue Collar film, then why is not named Our Man From Boston, but now Wahlberg cleared that the movie is based in New Jersey and will start filming in London early next year and that actual reason behind why it is titled Our Man form Jersey.

Same as Wahlberg, Berry is also collaborating with Netflix for a long time now. Recently Netflix acquired Berry’s directorial debut with Bruised which is slated to release later this year and she is also all set to star in another Netflix sci-fi venture titled The Mothership.

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Berry has been a tremendous member of the spy movies genre for a long time. Her work in spy movies came to light after her wowing performance in Die Another Day opposite Pierce Bronan’s 007. Best known for her role as Storm in the X-Men franchise, Berry recently co-starred alongside¬†Keanu Reeves and two fierce German Shepherds in¬†John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum.

It is not clear that whether Berry is going to play Wahlberg’s partner, rival, or love connection but it will be exciting to see them sharing the silver screen.

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