Food Wars: The 5 Biggest Plot Twists Of The Regiment De Cusine

The third season and the fourth season of the series were full of twists and it was not just for the protagonist Soma Yukihira that Azami Nakiri had returned to Totsuki and wanted to use his daughter Erina as a weapon to take over the whole school. and its culinary scene.

Food Wars Updates

This is how Central was born. Megumi Tadokoro is an example of how a character doesn’t have to win to grow. Until the regiment de cuisine, Megumi was a gentle student full of doubts. After becoming friends with Soma Yukihira, she learned to defend herself and fight a major battle against Ryo Kurokiba in the fall elections.

Many of the biggest twists and turns in the Battle of the Cooking Regiment have to do with Erina and her father, Azami. Your relationship. was defined by fear, control and resentment, but Erina was finally ready to fight for her freedom. In the last game of the Regiment de Cuisine, Erina and her enemy Soma were in a 2v2 battle against Rindo Kobayashi and Tsukasa Eishi to decide everything. Erina’s victory in the Regiment de Cuisine had more than one impact on history.

Food Wars: The 5 Biggest Plot Twists Of The Regiment De Cusine

Central was not only disbanded and Azami’s position of authority destroyed, but Erina was freed from her father’s tyrannical control. Erina had been under Azami’s control for years, her tool for arrogantly reaching new heights in the culinary world, as she thought. With Azami Nakiri and her central organization, Totsuki had a significant power vacuum, and the previous dean, Senzaemon Naikiri, was unwilling to fill it. Instead, Soma Yukihira declared that Erina Nakiri was the new dean.

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Despite her youth and student status, Erina could hardly believe what she was hearing and no one else. The future of the Council of Ten was also being negotiated. All third year students, including Rindo and Tsukasa, were close to graduation and this would leave some places open for newcomers. Soma had long dreamed of joining the council, and now he and his friends were on the run to join this elite corps.

Months later, when the third year graduated, Soma qualified for the council as a No. 1 student, and Megumi Tadokoro finished 10th.Alice Nakiri and her friend Ryo also joined the council, as did Akira Hayama and Takumi Aldini, Soma’s rival. These friends, along with senior councilors like Nene Kinokuni, are ready to lead Totsuki into another great year of culinary education.

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