PUBG may be delayed in India Again Because of the Ministry

While everyone is waiting for the release of PUBG’s new and updated version in India, there is no official news announced by the gaming company itself. We are all in the dark here about any news related to the game. We know for sure that the company has separated its way and join other companies to make the game for Indian players. India was one of the largest PUBG mobile players in the world. That’s why they are taking it seriously.

They have made it more appropriate for the Indian audience and made it less violent as the source suggests. But they still can’t get a passing confirmation from the Indian government to launch the game in India.

PUBG may be delayed in India Again Because of the Ministry


The reasons presented by the ministry of India to not launch it here is the game promotes violence and the game is quite addictive. One of them is true and the other is just false. But still, the gaming studio is trying its hardest to launch the game despite all the barriers from the Ministry of India. We are hoping the game will be released soon because of an advertisement by PUBG on Linkedin. They are hiring for their Indian Subsidiary in Bangaluru. The job will be to be the bridge for all the works they will be doing on Indian grounds.

PUBG may be delayed in India Again Because of the Ministry


The new gaming studio for PUBG is Krafton, which has just invested a lot of amount in Nodwin Gaming, approx. 164 crores rupees. This means they are going to expand their business in India somehow. When the game was banned from India, the gaming community in India just started to be recognized all over the world via the means of gaming. And big companies were ready to invest in the market but it all got delayed. But, there’s a high chance the game will be released.

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