Microsoft’s Newest Office is Inspired by the Taj

The environment of an office plays a huge role in keeping the mind space of employees positive. Bad office space can act as a hindrance in creating a smooth flow. This is why people who work at the Microsoft India Development Center(IDC) should be happy because their new office is not only spacious and grand but also an architectural wonder.

Microsoft’s new office, located in Noida (a satellite town of India’s capital New Delhi), is a work of grandeur. Spread across the top three floors of a building, the new IDC office sets the bar high for the corporate office. It has been molded after the architectural design of the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the world.

Microsoft’s Newest Office is Inspired by the Taj


The office is bathed in pearl white and has a lot of Jaali work (a staple Mughal architectural style). The building is full of arches and domed ceilings. Looking at the IDC’s new office, it won’t be difficult to identify that its design has been heavily derived from the Taj Mahal.

Microsoft’s Newest Office is Inspired by the Taj

Molding its new office after one of the greatest Indian pieces of architecture, Microsoft has taken account of local cultural influence and has set a bar in inclusivity. The building is a beautiful rendition of modern and traditional. Rajiv Kumar, the managing director of Microsoft IDC states that there are two major reasons behind the design of the new building.

Microsoft’s Newest Office is Inspired by the Taj


One is to give the world the best quality product development organization in India that can empower the local talents. And the other reason is inclusivity. Rajiv says that India accounts for a huge chunk of the population and it only makes sense that the office of IDC reflects the culture of India so that people who come to work feel a sense of empowerment and recognition. The new office will soon be fully functional and Rajiv only hopes that they are able to achieve their vision behind IDC.

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