Elon Musk’s Techno Song On NFT Is Viral With Over 5 Million Views

Elon Musk is getting in on the NFT gold rush by selling a new electronic music track he’s obviously delivered as an NFT. Indeed, you’ve heard that right — it’s a tune about non-fungible tokens. Which Musk seems to have printed (or plans to mint) on the blockchain.

Musk’s NFT Song

Musk did not include a link connect to the NFT, so it’s not satisfactory if it’s now live or if Musk intends to start the deal sometime in the future. It’s additionally not satisfactory on which stage Musk means to sell the NFT.

We additionally couldn’t say whether the tune has a name, however, we have a few signs. The looping video appended to the tune Musk presented on Twitter on Monday shows the words “Vanity Trophy” circling around a brilliant sphere attached to the highest point of a strict prize perusing “HODL,” short for the expression “hang on with a death grip.”

Elon Musk's Techno Song On NFT Is Viral With Over 5 Million Views

What is HODL?

The HODL abbreviation, however, it’s accepted to have conceivably started as a tipsy incorrect spelling of “hold,” are both online slang and a sort of energizing weep for the bitcoin local area, since it apparently urges crypto-devotees not to sell their tokens. It’s important here that Musk is an immense advocate of bitcoin. Tesla put $1.5 billion in the cryptographic money a month ago and plans to acknowledge it as a type of installment for its electric vehicles later on.

NFT’s Explained

At different focuses in the short video, the words alongside the prize move from “PCs” to “never sell” while a female entertainer sings verses up and over like “NFT for your vanity” and “PCs won’t ever rest.” Did I notice that the prize additionally has minimal gold canines, or “doges” maybe, pivoting around it, as well?

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With respect to the actual melody, well… there’s not a ton to say. It’s freely a techno tune in the event that you need to delve into the class (with some electro house vibes tossed in), and that is suitable considering Musk named himself the “techno ruler” of Tesla in a genuine recording with the US Securities and Exchange Commission toward the beginning of today.

It’s not generally excellent, however by the guidelines of Musk’s past work in the electronic music scene — the certifiable not-exactly a-banger “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” —I’d say it’s an improvement.

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