Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 13 Release Date and major Death Confirmed

The ongoing finale season of Attack of Titans has become the hottest topic of town and viewers are going crazy after it. Every week viewers witness another action-packed episode of the series. That takes them one step closer to the season finale.

Attack.on Titan

After seeing so much action and drama in the 12th episode of AOT So4, fans are eager to know what is going to come next.

When is AOT So4, Ep 13 is going to release?

According to Attack of Titan’s official Twitter handle. Attack on Titans’ So4, episode 14 (Chapter-138) is all set to make its debut on March 9, 2021. This chapter will the second to last chapter of volume 34 of the AOT manga. The avid Manga reader and the follower of the ongoing Anime series know. That this upcoming episode is going to be the decision-maker.

Attack on Titan.

According to a report by Blocktoro, this episode will release at a different time in different countries. The release timing depends on the various zones the particular country is in.

AOT season 4, Episode 13 is all set to take the intensity a level higher.

The 4th season of the classic anime series Attack on Titans left no stone unturned to raise the intensity level of the series. The latest season has dealt with some deadly wars and death in its initial episodes. The series has dropped some new episode names, that somewhere teases. That the season is going to witness one of the wildest climaxes of anime history.

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Attack On Titan

As the episode is just a few days away, the spoilers have already flooded the social media. However, there are ‘leaked’ spoilers, there can be a lot of confusion. As to which spoilers are real and which are fake.

Episode 13 will see Zeke, who is currently not in his human form struggling in the path, struggling with the dilemma of choosing the right way. Further, the episode witnesses the heartbreaking death of Historia due to excruciating pain after giving birth to her child.

Attack on Titan.

Reiner was seriously injured during the explosion and despite being rescued by Armin, dies shortly after. In another panel, Mikasa, Jean, and Pieck are shown fighting for their lives as Ymir

There is no doubt this latest episode is going to be a sure short entertainer.

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