Amazon Studios Begin the Production of First Italian Film Dog Years

Amazon Studios has commenced the production for its debut Italian original film, titled The Young Adult Comedy Dog Years which is the Italian title Annie Da Cane for the same movie. The film is directed by Fabio Mollo of South is Nothing fame.

Who is Fabio Mollo?

Fabio Mollo is a renowned Italian director who is known for his films which are South is Nothing, There is a Light. His movies have been selected for different international film festivals. He has won Universal Filmmaster Program in L.A.

Mollo has won the Young Italian Filmmaker Prize in New York and Torino Film Lab Production Award.

What is the story of the film all about?

The story revolves around Stella who is a clumsy, cynical, imaginative, and teenage girl who has anguish, according to the story in the film. After she goes through a life-changing car accident that involves a dog, she convinces herself and tells herself that she must count her age in dog years.

According to her belief, One year of her life counts for seven, and now that she’s turning 16, she is centurial. Due to this reason, Stella thinks that she does not have much time left to live and she writes a bucket list of all the things and stuff that she would love to achieve before she dies.

With the help of her close friends Nina and Giulio, she then begins to live life in the quick route. Stella then begins to live her life to the fullest,

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gin the Production of First Italian Film Dog Years

Stella begins to live her life to the fullest, moving ahead quickly for the fear of running out of time so that she does all the experiences and things she wants to do. But a meet and chance with Matteo, who is a  shy and introverted guy, will add on to have a lot of confusion and questions, totally changing his thinking.

The film will be produced by produced by Notorious Pictures and will be releasing in the fall which will be available on Amazon Prime in around 240 countries and territories around the globe.

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