SUGA’s ₩100million Donation on his Birthday

Koreans Dramas are loved all over the world because of the sweetness and the humbleness they have within them and the same which they portray in their Dramas. Koreans are as sweet as their voice and language. BTS is not an unknown to any. The name and fame they have all over the world are mind-blowing. They managed to create a huge fan base not only in Korea but every other country.

This boy band has an eye-opening net worth which they created with their sweat and their sweet voice but have you ever wondered what do they with all that money? Recently, people are going aww with what Suga, a Korean rapper and Bts member did on his birthday.

Suga, Korean rapper or a sweetheart?

Min Yoon-gi which Suga’s real name, celebrated his 28th birthday on this 9th March 2021. Suga is his stage name, he a rapper, songwriter, and producer, and a member of BTS. In 2013, he debuted with the Korean pop boy band called BTS, which is managed by Big Hit Entertainment. Another stage name he has is August D but he is better and mostly known by SUGA. He released his solo mixtape called August D.

SUGA's ₩100million Donation on his Birthday

What Suga did on his Birthday?

On his 28th birthday which was on 9th March 2021, Suga decided to donate some money towards child cancer patients. He donated ₩100million to Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital. This hospital is located in his home town Daegu.

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The donation is for the child patients of cancer who are dealing with financial problems are not able to take proper treatment in the hospital. As per the Hospital’s Director, Suga wants to help people and children who are not able to get proper treatment because of money issues.

Previously, Suga made a similar amount of donation to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to help those who are facing financial issues and hardship due to the epidemic which hit the whole world Corona Virus. He previously made some more donations in 2018 and 2019 on his birthday.

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