UK and Obesity the Never Ending Battle Still Continues

Obesity and over weight has always remained an area of concern throughout the world. Obesity is the primary cause of major health issues including cardiovascular diseases.

The arrival of the Coronavirus Pandamic made people aware about the benefits of an health body and mind. Both physical and mental health because a cause of control not only for the citizens but for the political leaders too.

UK and obesity the never ending battle still continues

Counties have been launching various programmes to encourage the citizens towards a health life and body. The government of India had launched a fit India campaign. Several other countries began giving incentives to the citizen’s for the amount of exercises they3 do and for being a health citizen.

Government of the few countries even launched dietary plans to improve the health of the citizens by restricting consumption of unhealthy food products.

UK and Obesity the Never Ending Battle Still Continues

The president of UK Boris Johnson is concerned about the health of the citizens. As 63 % of the adults are over weight. Among that half of them are suffering from obesity. 1 in 3 Children in UK too end up dropping school. The only reason being over weight and obesity. Losing weight is fairly a very difficult thing and requires lot of dedication, determination and hardwork.

UK government earlier had ristricted consumption of unhealthy food. A dietary plan was launched along with restrictions on advertisement and buy one get one free policy. The president too had suffered from the Coronavirus back in April and this opened his eyes towards healthy living. He too worked on his personal health and weight.

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UK and Obesity the Never Ending Battle Still Continues

UK government came up with a new plan to combat obesity on Tuesday March 2, 2020 on the occasion of world obesity day. The plan includes 100 million Pounds funding and pay to exercise incentive strategy. A prominent entrepreneur will be appointed to lead the strategy thought the nation. Sir Keith Mills is appointed as an advisor to encourage healthy behaviour through ‘ Fit miles’.

The Air Miles Loyalty program was founded by him. 70 million Pounds are getting used for the weight management services that will be made available through National Health Service. Along with local councils. This will help almost 700,000 adults in their process of weight management. They will get access to digital apps weight management groups, individual coaches and specialist clinical support.

UK and Obesity the Never Ending Battle Still Continues

The president also mentioned the facts about how the strategy will be helpful to the people and nation at large. He said that this plan will help people and will lead them to healthier lifestyle. The kids too will benefited by the plan.

He even spoke about the difficulties faced in the process of weight loss. He mentioned that a healthy population will provide a healthy environment and the work flow too will increase. This will be increase the economy of the county.

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