Best Tiziana Terenzi Line of Perfumes: Everything You Want to Know

Designers Tiziana Terenzi has 75 perfumes in our scent base. Tiziana Terenzi is another scent brand. The soonest version was made in 2012 and the freshest is from 2020. Tiziana Terenzi perfumes were made in a joint effort with perfumers Paolo Terenzi and Tiziana Terenzi.

The Ursa is a divinely orchestrated genderless scent stimulated by Lake Como’s shorelines, surrounded in contradiction, behind the Fiumelaccio Falls that trickle only from March through October year after year with a disturbing rhythm of satisfaction.

The surreal remembrance inspired a brothy mix of seasoning and fruits intertwined with serious stability as an exemplary odour and Ascent of spicy rum and nutmeg and until the musk of patchouli, vetiver, and incense. It stops on the softest remark of dry oud buaya tree and vanilla bean.

  • Cassiopea Extrait De Parfum

A tired aroma for both sex, the Cassiopea scent pays homage to the lady’s complexness and lasting elegance in the atmosphere.

Best Tiziana Terenzi Line Of Perfumes

The scent’s sophistication is a particular combination of rose, black pepper, and pink peppercorns held up across a limitation of smokey and peppery statements landing softly upon beautiful vanilla and historical amber residents is an aggressive and fierce scent for classically prepared perfume professionals.

  • Detox Extrait De Parfum

Detox, ascent to awaken the understandings of those who persuade to dream touring far away from forfeiting themselves to the flavor of coffee held up across a thoughtful current of the royal iris that drifts through the climate, onward across areas of Turkish rose concurrently with vanilla and sweet myrrh, It lasts into the night with the aromas of white musks, cedarwood, amber resin, and acacia honey an attraction of notes decorated by men and women who love the smell.

  • Vele Extrait de Parfum

A flavorful flower of mango, red currants, and fascination fruit nested in a macerated mattress of citrus, amber, and myrrh, crowning the ethereal fragrance jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang concurrently in a fruity mixture of papaya and spices.

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Resolved in the antiquities of amber resin, musk, vanilla, then poetically plugged in the wooodour ofurof Pau-Brasil tree and It is a gorgeous perfume for women that drawstring on South American culinary delights’ enchanting to the Brazilian culture’s odour grounded in a free-spirited lifestyle pertained to only as vele and of course forestry of choice

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