3 Amazing TV Shows on Amazon Prime that you can Binge Watch: THE BOYS, FLEABAG, THE OFFICE

We are living in a golden age of cinema. We have so much content to watch on streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO+, Disney+ with many more streaming platforms. W e have original as well as those contents which were adapted from a novel or a short story.

With so much to watch, it’s impossible to find what to watch on these platforms. So here we are. We have the list you want. We can’t provide you with the list of TV shows from every streaming platform so we chose one. Here is the list of all the great shows streaming on Amazon Prime.

 Shows on Amazon Prime that you can Binge Watch


It’s a different take on the superhero genre. The superhero genre is filled with movies and TV shows with heroes who will do anything to save you from any danger. But in this, we get to have a closer look at the lives of these faulty superheroes who have a beautiful character arc.

The story starts with a boy whose girlfriend got killed by the superhero who can with the speed of light, (something like the flash). So to take on these guys, He joined a group lead by a guy named butcher. It’s an amazing series to watch. It has two seasons.

 Shows on Amazon Prime that you can Binge Watch


Fleabag is a story about well, Fleabag. A girl whose friend died, her mother died, a lousy stepmother, and a complicated relationship with his father and older sister. But it’s a comedy. And for the garnish on this salad, from time to time, she breaks the 4rth wall to talk to us. It’s a beautiful story of the struggle to fit in this world. There are two seasons of this epic drama.

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 Shows on Amazon Prime that you can Binge Watch


This is one of the greatest shows if not the greatest sitcom ever made. With a single camera setup, they did what others couldn’t. It was a remake of the original The Office show by Ricky Gervais. But critics and the audience praised it more than the original. It has 10 seasons and every part of it is just mesmerizing.


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