Priyanka Chopra’s we can be Heroes & Parineeti Chopra Girl on the Train Ranked top 10 in Netflix US

Sister Chopra is rocking the screen time on Netflix in none other than the United States of America. Big sister Priyanka’s We Can Be Heroes is nowadays at the top six roles. While Parineeti Chopra’s deceased emancipation The Girl on The Train is at top 10.

Reacting to a fan’s tweet about it, Parineeti jotted down, “#ChopraDomination hahahahaha @priyankachopra.” Responding to her station, a fan wrote, “Tisha & Mimi All The Way!” People jotted down, “You were stunning in TGOTT, looking forward to more from you,” composed down another.

Moreover, On February 26, 2021, The Girl On The Train released on Netflix which is the Hindi modification of the multinational bestseller book of Paula Hawkins under a similar term. Further, The book was given rise into a Hollywood movie starring Emily Blunt in the lead last year.

In the film, Parineeti teases a drunkard with amnesia who is Under suspicion for murder. And her character must comprehend the truth before it is too overdue.

Parineeti Chopra often percentages pictures of her Mumbai home until recently she reported new pictures from her house. Bragging about the balloons and flowers that she’d obtained after the premiere of her movie, The Girl on the Train.


Priyanka Chopra’s We Can Be Heroes commenced streaming on Netflix on Dec 25, 2020. Nonetheless, it has been quite some time since its release. The movie still sensations on the internet platforms with sister  Parineeti Chopra’s The Girl on the Train. It completely premiered on the OTT platform and is receiving rave inspections from the world.

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It’s shocking to know that Parineeti was initially aspired to maintain a career in enterprise banking. But after attaining multiple honors degree in industry, economics and finance from Manchester Business School until she came back to India. In 2009 during the economic recession and united in Yash Raj Films as a civil associations consultant. And today She is in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list for her incredible work.

In India, The Girl on The Train has topped the list by number one on Netflix. While Priyanka’s The White Tiger has dropped from the top 10 list but it is still being showcased in the ‘Trending Now’ section.

Before, Priyanka put up with her Instagram Stories and conveyed a snapshot that beholds The Girl on the Train twinkling on her television. Using a thread of emoticons, she inscribed, “Proud of you Tisha. The Girl On The Train is out now!”

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