Billie Eilish Whole New Album Recorded While in Quarantine: All you need to know

A new era is on the books with Billie Eilish having recorded a whole new album while in quarantine. The Lovely singer has truly made its goals for everyone out there with her hard work and this is sure a booster for the procrastination stars out there! All of us got something to learn and maybe unlearn from the stunning star.

Even though Billie did admit it was hard for her, it truly was a booster for her considering how all our mental health was affected during these hard times and was truly much-needed time off and break after her meteoric rise. With 2020 being hard on her, she let this out in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Whole New Album Recorded

Venting it all out, Billie felt if she was given a choice to go back and undo everything, she would just choose it but at the same time, the lockdown and pandemic has given her more time off than ever and this was truly something she needed.

Managing to record a whole new album is not just a small feat considering a bunch of people out there were struggling with all of the inside and outside ghosts. Turn out in the last four years, the most time she has gotten out is the two weeks in the beginning of the quarantine.

Billie Eilish Whole New Album Recorded While in Quarantine: All you need to know

How it turned out

Her last album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was completely produced in the Los Angeles home where she grew up and spent her childhood. This was too surprising for the fans though.

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She revealed that the hard times and the circumstances that followed had an effect on her music and she feels she would not have made the same album had it not been for the quarantine. Maybe thus is some light in the tunnel perhaps.

When things are different in your life, you’re different is how she chose to put it. she also felt she owed to thank the pandemic for it perhaps, quite odd at the face of it perhaps! Even though she didn’t reveal much on the album she did however promise there are a few surprises in store for her fans! Some tricks that have been pulled off in the album are how she put it.

With her Apple TV+ documentary, “The World’s a Little Blurry,” premiering, a new era was promised by her following the release of the documentary. With the news of her changing her iconic green hairstyle along with her brand new album, fans do have a ton in store!

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