Henry Cavill May Be Starring in Mass Effect Movie Adaptation and We Are EXCITED

Henry Cavill, well known for his character of DC Superman, and our beloved Geralt of Rivia is all set to make headlines again. It seems as if he is going to continue the streak of playing super cool characters.

Here is all you need to know about Henry Cavill’s upcoming projects.

Mass Effect Starring Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has recently (February 24, 2021) shared a mysterious picture on his official Instagram handle with the caption—

“Secret project? Or just a handful of paper with random words on it…. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. Happy hump day all. #HumpDay #Secrets”

What can this mean? Well, although the words on the paper were blurred yet it was deciphered by sources of “Gamepressure” that is was about Mass Effect 3. Yes you heard it right!

A staff of Gamepressure used Focus Magic to sharpen the image which made it possible to read the illegible words on the paper which Henry Cavill was seen holding in the picture

The paper had words like “Cerburus“, “Reaper“, “Geth” and “Tali’Zorah“. This totally refers to the Mass Effect series.

Cavill is a huge video game enthusiast himself and a vigorous gamer. Thus, being associated with Mass Effect, unequivocally, will be an exciting project for the actor.

Henry Cavill May Be Starring in Mass Effect Movie Adaptation and We Are EXCITEDThe first Mass Effect game was released back in 2007, with the original trilogy of games following Commander Shepard, a space navy solider.

Since it release, it has created quite a stir amongst the fans. After its massive success both commercially and universally, it is quite exciting for the fans to see it into a live-action movie or a series.

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Tentative Role Cavill Can Play

As we already know that Henry Cavill is capable of bringing any role to reality, be it Superman or be it a muted monster Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Series.

This time in Mass Effect, it is expected that we can see him playing the role of Commander Shepard, the male protagonist of Mass Effect.

Well, the aforesaid information, precisely has no confirmation yet. But, the idea of Henry Cavill featuring in Mass Effect surely is a matter for all the fans out there to get excited.

In any case, all of us will simply have to wait patiently to get any official clarification on this conjecture.

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