World Trigger Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date, Discussion & Watch Online

After completing a very successful first season, World trigger is now come up with its season 2. From there to today’s date, it’s already broadcast six episodes in this season. And now the fans are eagerly waiting for the 7th episode of it.

So, if you are curious to know about the 7th episode you should go through the article very carefully. Here we talk about the release date, preview, how you watch online, and more in this article.

Release Date

The release date of episode 7 is consists of a lot of delay and dilemma. At first, it’s almost confirmed that, episode 7 will be premiered on the 21st of February. Though it’s not an official date many sources hint that day as a releasing day.

But it’s confirmed that episode 7 is scheduled to premiere on 28th February 2021.

Spoiler or Preview of Episode 7

This is the most interesting part of the article where we try to predict the probable theory of the upcoming episodes. So, this is a spoiler part. If you did not want to get any kind of hints, and keep your excitement till 28th February the I suggest you skip this part.

If we want to guess what may happen in this episode then we have to go back to the previous one. Relating from the last episode we may see Tamakoma 2 introduce their sniper in the game. Here Chika plans to fires the cannon. By this Chika can out the other two teams and as well as score points.

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On the other hand, Kakizaki and Katori Units attack different parts to destroy the strong parts of Tamakoma 2. It looks like the plan is working very well because YĆ«ma takes on Kakizaki Unit and Osamu fights Katori Unit.

So, this may the probable storyline of this particular episode. It may possible that the shoemakers give a twist to entertain more to their viewers.

How to Watch Online?

Now, the big question comes that where you actually watch the show? And the answer is you can watch the show online on Crunchyroll with its subscription. You can also watch the show on Netflix, japan.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest updates.

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