Lily Collins’ Relationship with Her Fiancé Charlie McDowell : Truly a match made in heaven

Lily Collins and her fiance Charlie McDowell are so much in love and the dup truly deserve a Netflix show on their own! We can’t swoon over the cute posts they out up on Instagram and love is truly in the air.

The Emily in Paris actor is stuck in a love triangle in the rom-com but out of the reel in the real, there is only one man in her love story, Charlie McDowell. The director-actor duo has been on a roll for a while now and seems truly struck by the cupid.

The engaged couple has a love story for the stars so while the fans just can’t wait to find out if Emily will choose Mathieu or Gabriel in the much anticipated Emily in Paris season two.

Lily Collins' Relationship with Her Fiancé Charlie McDowell : Truly a match made in heaven

The love story

The actor put up a story celebrating the day of love with an Instagram post and a photo from the adorable proposal which was a sweet surprise. Her first Valentine’s Day as Charlie’s fiancée was truly special as the one who fills her heart every single day from her morning cappuccinos to the way she feels endlessly loved.

She just can’t wait to be forever hers, her words. The first time that she met him, she instantly knew they were destined to meet and she wanted to be his wife, the way she put it.

They announced their engagement on Instagram sharing pictures of the couple captioning she just can’t wait for a lifetime together. The surprise was a sweet one for the actor and one of those you just can’t be excited about. It was all pretty much planned and the dashing director popped the question while the couple was on a road trip to New Mexico.

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Captioned as the best surprise ever, Charlie McDowell did a self-timer video and set up the whole thing without even giving the Emily in Paris actor even a clue. The couple later got their hands on the screen grabs. It was truly time this duo got engaged and it was just a matter of time and the surprise just made way for it.

Lily Collins' Relationship with Her Fiancé Charlie McDowell : Truly a match made in heaven

New member to the family

An adorable puppy just got added to the family. The arrival of Reford was announced by a sweet Instagram post which got us gushing over. Truly a cute meet! An absolute love at first sight, adventures are just in the cards and the incredible family is truly in for a haul.

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