Is China joining India for BRICS Summit 2021 with border tension still remains unsolved?

BRICS Summit is a program that involves the coming together of five emerging economies which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Which became part of the group in 2010. The most recent BRICS Summit was held in Russia through online mode. It was the 12th BRICS Summit and the first Summit held during the Coronavirus Pandemic which affected the world at large.

BRICS Summit 2021

India took the rotating chairmanship of BRICS Summit from Russia on 1st January 2021. On 19 February 2021 the ministry of external affairs launched the BRICK 2021 website at BRICS Secretariat at Sushma Swaraj Bhawan. External affairs minister Dr.S Jaishankar took to Twitter to express his excitement for hosting the BRICS Summit in India.

This year it is the 13th BRICS Summit themed as BRICS@15: Intra BRICS cooperation. It focuses on strengthening collaboration through continuity, consolidation, and Consensus. The BRICS summit 2021 prioritized reforms of the multilateral system, counter-terrorism cooperation, technology and digital solutions for sustainable development goals and enhancing P2P cooperation.

Ad China and India are important parts of the summit tension prevailed among the countries and citizens on whether BRICS summit will be joined by China or no. As all are aware of the fact about the border tension between China and India because of the Pangong region. The matter still remains unsolved even after all the meetings and conferences. As the dispute is still remains unsolved there was uncertainty about China joining the summit.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping backed India on hosting the BRICS summit 2021. Xi jinping is likely to visit India in the second half of the year if the Covid -19 situation improves for better. The Chinese government even made it sure that the border tension won’t effect the BRICS summit at all. China was and will remain an active member of the BRICS Summit.

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“China attaches great importance to the BRICS cooperation mechanism and has always been committed to deepening the BRICS Strategic partnership and consolidating the positive momentum of BRICS solidarity and cooperation,” Said the Chinese foreign minister.

China supports India’s hosting of this year’s BRICS conference, and is willing to work with India and other BRICS countries to strengthen the communication and cooperation in various fields, consolidate the “three-wheel drive” corporation framework of economics, politics and humanities,” said spokesperson Wang Wenbin. When asked about the border situation and it’s effect on the BRICS summit.

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