Zack Snyder Planned To Explore Romance Between Bruce Wayne And Lois Lane:

Zack Snyder, also known as the architect of the DC extended universe. Zack Snyder is the director who kick-started DCEU with his Man Of Steel which was a success and was moderately liked by the critics. Warner Brothers have been trying to compete with Marvel Cinematic Universe for eternity. They also want to be in the franchise game as fast as possible.

This is the reason they try to release many movies in the DCEU timeline and try to interfere in the works of the director who is working on the project and that leads to the project being a case of over productivity like Suicidal Squad, Batman Vc Superman, and Justice League.


We all know the chemistry between Clark Kent aka Superman and Lois Lane. It has been in the comics for as long as infinity. It has also been made on the large screen. A movie about Superman can’t be complete without Lois Lane. She had to be there. She is his other half. But it’s important to explore as many ideas as possible for the movie-going audience as well as the comic audience. One such idea was the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane.


Zack Snyder was exploring the idea of a romance between Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Lois Lane. W got to know about this because of an article published by Vanity Fair. This idea was presented to Warner Brothers but because of the failure of Batman Vs Superman, the studio did not want to take any wrong turns and did not get on board with this idea by Zack Snyder to include in Justice League. The studio also argued that the movie should be 2 hours long and they did not have time to show a relationship.

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