Free drinks with Covid Vaccination Shots in Issrael

Corona brought a very hard time for people all over the world. It is been more than a year since the coronavirus first got detected in China and here we are, not yet able to get over the fear of the virus. Corona Virus taught us the importance of social distancing and isolation but how long the world could have worked under the quarantine. The government of different countries decided to shut everything and deciding to stay at home. The world is still fighting with the after-effects of it.

Corona Virus Vaccine

Corona Virus Vaccine took a very long time to be discovered. With several failed tries, Vaccine was created, but people are still not sure about taking it. With the gradually re-opening of public services, people need to take some serious safety measures. One can be taking Vaccination shots, but people are afraid.

Interim Framework for COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation in the United States - COVID-19 - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

What Israeli bar is offering

An Israeli bar in Tel Aviv is providing a cool offer. It became a vaccination clinic or center last Thursday as they started an offer to provide free shots and drinks for those who get Corona vaccination shots which is Pfizer Inc’s vaccine. As per the Israel Health Ministry, more than 40% of the total population of 9 million people got vaccinated (took the vaccination shots) but the government is still worried about the other half who are still afraid to take the vaccination. The government is also worried about the result, it might not turn out as expected and will delay the idea of reopening the economic system of the country.

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Bars and pubs were forced to close due to the social distancing but Tel Aviv which is in a partnership with the municipality came up with a good idea. They decided to give an offer to its customers. The offer stated that the bar will give a free drink to the customer who will get a covid vaccination shot. The drinks will be non-alcoholic as per the guidance. 

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