I Care a Lot – Cast, Release date, Story and Everything you Need to Know.

I care a lot is an American dark comedy thriller film which got released on 19 February 2021 in India and around the globe. It’s direct’s directed by J. Balkeson, produced used by Teddy Schwarzman and Ben Stillman. the Film was released on Amazon and Netflix and is produced by Black Bear Pictures and STX films in association with Crimple Beck. It was first premiered on Toronto International Film Festival on 12 September 2020.

I care a lot – cast, release date, story, and everything you need to know.

The story of the film revolves around the life of Marla. Marla is a con woman who earns her living through wrong methods. Later in the film she falls into a huge trouble as because of the wrong methods and gets kidnapped. She is appointed as a legal guardian for the elder people living in their own terms and conditions. This is how she gets a chance to cheat them and earn her living.

The cast of the ‘I care a lot’ include Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson, Peter Dinklage as Roman Lunyov, Eiza Gonzalez as Fran, Chrish Messina as Dean Ericson, Dianne Wiest as Jennifer Peterson, Isiah Whitlock Jr as Judge Lomax, Macon Blair as Feldstrom, Alicia Witt as Karen Amos and Damian Young as Sam rice.

Netflix and Amazon prime has acquired the distribution rights of the film after which the film was released on 19 February 2021 by Netflix the following countries that include India,U.s, South Africa, Latin America, France, Germany and the middle east. The was released at the Toronto International Film festival on 12 September 2020.

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The Prime video has the right to distribute the film in counties including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, film was released through Balck Bear’s international distributor STX. It got released on both Netflix and Amazon prime on 19 February 2021.

It has received positive feedback from the audience and the critic review. Rosamund for her performance as Marla has managed to get a nomination for the Golden Globe Award 2021. The amazing performance by Rosamund and the storyline are the reason behind the film’s success.

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