Boruto Episode 187 Release date and Spoilers and Read Manga Online

Curious to know about the upcoming episode of your favourite anime show Boruto. Then read this whole article where we talk about all latest updates regarding Boruto episode 187, like Release date, plot and many more.

So, if you want to about the above mentioned topic, then I assure you this article gives you a lots of information regarding this.

But before going to that segment, let’s quickly give a brief introduction about Boruto.

About Boruto series

Boruto is basically a Japanese manga series which narrets the story of a Naruto. The author of this series is Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi. Till now the series released 186 episodes and they are now just one step far from releasing episode 187. Besides those author, also the credit goes to Mikio Ikemoto, the guy who illustrated the whole series. When the show released first time, then it was a Japanese show. But seeing it’s popularity, Viz media published it in English language. After that, the show become viral across the globe.

Release date of episode 187

Officially it’s confirmed that, the episode 187 of Boruto will be going release on 21st February, 2021. This is scheduled for releasing at 5:30 pm on Japan standard time.

Preview of this episode

If we want to guess about the plot of upcoming episode, then we have to go back in the episode of 186. From that,  Boruto resembled Naruto a lot when he couldn’t finish off Ao even when he was lying defenseless and defeated. Koji, have to defeat Team 7 as Ao ordered him. Not only Team 7, Koji also try to take down Boruto and his friends.

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So, it’s sure that the episode is full of fight and action.

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