Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 11 Release Date and Ending Explained

Out favourite web show, Attack on the Titan finally come to it’s end season. After watching the 10th episode of final season, now fans are getting excited to watch episode 11.

So, if you are exited to know about the upcoming episode then this article is for you. Here we gonna talk about the release date, preview, cast and many more in this article.

Release date of episode 11

It’s now officially confirmed that, the episode 11 is going to release on 21st February, 2021. But the releaseing time is various, according to your country region.

You can watch the show exclusively on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Cast of the show

The cast of this episode, infact of this season is almost same as before. Here we see Yuki Kazi as Eren Jaeger. The role of Mikasa Ackerman is played by Yui Ishikawa. Yoshimasa Hosoya play the role of Reiner Braun, Takito Koasu as JK. Here we see Marina Inoue who play the role of Armin Earlett. Manami Puma Yumi Kawashima as Jofia, Ayumu Murase play the role of Udo and  Masaya Matsukaz as Colt Gris. This are the main cast of Attack on Titan in this season.

Preview of this episode

If we want to guess what is going to happen in this episode then you have to make a link from last episode. In this episode we may see that, Zeke meets Kiyomi where she present her mobility gear and explained it.

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On the other hand, Zeke devolop relationship with Kiyomi with nation and in return she can have ice burst stone.

This is the probable theory that may execute in this episode. But the production may give a little twist in this. So let’s wait and see what happened in this episode.

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