You don’t need to tell the world that you are a feminist your actions Says it all – Dia Mirza proved it right.

In this world, there shouldn’t be gender bias. Men and women should be treated equally with the same respect, pride, love and care. Each role ha it’s own significance and it should be given the importance it deserves without any discrimination. Most people take the word feminism in the wrong sense they think feminism is against the male society but actually, feminism is to fight for the basic rights of women, her freedom, and to allow her to live on her own terms.

Dia Mirza proved it right.

Dia Mirza the Indian model, actress, producer and social worker is a true feminist and she’s being praised a lot by the fans for her act of hiring a female pundit for her wedding that took place on 15 February 2021. She was born on 9 December 1981 to parents who belonged to two different cultures and who were two poles apart. Dia’s real parents got divorced and she adopted her stepfather’s surname.

Dia won the Miss Asia Pacific International in 2000. She started her acting career through the film’ Rehnaa Hain Tere Dil Me’ which got released in 2001. She’s featured in the films like Dus, Lage raho Munna Bhai, and Sanju. She was a co–owner of the production house Born Free Entertainment which wss Started by her ex-husband Sahil Sangha. They got separated in December 2019.

Dia recently married Vaibhav Rekhi 35-year-old businessman based in Mumbai. Rekhi and Dia first met in 2020 and stayed together in Mumbai during the lockdown. Rekhi too is a divorcee who was first married to Sunaina the yoga instructor and lifestyle coach. Both of them have a daughter. He’s a graduate of the Indian School of Business Hyderabad and did his schooling at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton Business School.

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Dia and Rekhi’s marriage was a private ceremony which was attended by family members and few close friends. Their relationship remained a secret relationship until the news about them getting married came out in public. Dia is a social activist Woking for many good causes. She is actively involved with Cancer Patient Aid Association, Spastics Society of India, HIV Awareness, Female Foeticide, PETA, CRY, and most recently the NDTV Greenarthon.

She shared few of her wedding Pictures after the wedding on social media Handel. In one the photos, a female pundit was seen chanting the mantras and doing the wedding rituals. Fans after looking at the photos praised Dia a lot and said she’s living a truly feminist life.Dia by hiring a female pundit broke ages-old norms and her act proves that she’s nor gender-biased neither she discriminates against anyone. For her the role is much important than the gender. She proved it that it takes only a step to change the world.

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