Peaky Blinders Unveiled a New Character of Season 6!

In 2013, BBC released a series called the Peaky Blinders on its channel. The story is a period crime drama. The story is told from the point of view of our Anti-Hero, who served in World War and his name is Tommy Shelby. He runs a crime syndicate in Birmingham, England, and the events take place in the year 1919.

The show was not an instant hit among the fans of Peaky Blinders but as the show went ahead for its 3rd season, it made a huge fan following around the world. The show has almost a gory vibe in which anything can happen to our main characters. The show also plays with the idea of communism and also told the story of the IRA as an antagonist. The show has many antagonists in all its major seasons with Cheif Inspector returning for another season. The series has a moderate critical response but it’s praised gaming the fans of this show.

Peaky Blinders Unveiled a New Character of Season 6!


As the creator of this show announced season 6 to be the final chapter in this epic series, they also hinted about continuing the show in a different form like a series or a movie. Season 6 will have the same antagonist, Oswald Mosley who was the leader of a new party called BUF and was also a member of parliament. He is one of the most smarted antagonists in this series who outsmarted Tommy in the end despite Tommy’s various attempts.

Peaky Blinders Unveiled a New Character of Season 6!


As the news suggests, the premiere of season 6 will be in 2022 because of the Pandemic. Season 6 will be full of surprises. And in those surprises, there is a new character that will be introduced in this chapter. It’s not revealed who it will be but as the creator suggests that she will be a mix of hero and villain and will be quite a blockade in the life of Tommy Shelby and Peaky Blinders.

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Peaky Blinders Unveiled a New Character of Season 6!

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