Joe Biden plans for Global vaccine effort worth $4 Billion: All We Know

Joe Biden- The President

The 46th President of Uniter States, Joe Biden, is a member of a Democratic party and he has also worked as Vice President under the government of Barack Obama (2009-20017). As we all know the COVID 19 pandemic has a solution now, the solution is the vaccine which is made for the people and it will be keeping the people safe from the virus.

Joe Biden plans for Global vaccine effort worth $4 Billion: All We Know

The main role in purchasing and distributing the vaccine is supposed to be of the Prime minister or the President of the country. All the countries in the world are preparing for the distribution of the vaccine. The process of distributing vaccines to people should be smooth and steadily. Joe Biden is the President of the US so it’s his responsibility to take care of the distribution of the vaccine in the United States.

Biden plans for Global Vaccine distribution

Moreover, the White House officials have announced that Joe Bidden is ready to use his first Presidential moment at Friday’s Group of Seven meetings of leaders around the world in which he has announced to releasing $4 Billion to reinforce the purchase and distribution of the vaccine. The vaccine will be distributed among the people of the US.

Joe Biden plans for Global vaccine effort worth $4 Billion: All We Know

Furthermore, the WHO has initiated COVID 19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) to aim for equal access to COVID 19 vaccine which is led by Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. Biden has urged the G-7 partners to take part and pledge to COVAX. However, Donal Trump, the former president of the US has refused to take a part in COVAX because of his bandages to WHO. But Biden is already prepared to be a part of COVAX and he had begun working for it as well.

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Well, it’s yet to be seen whether all G-7 countries would take a part in the distribution or not. Biden had already announced that the US will have enough contribution to make by the end of the summer. Around 300 million people could be vaccinated which means that all the Americans can be immunised easily. Furthermore, Biden has also planned to have a meeting of G-7 countries so that they all can discuss the vaccine distribution.


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