Horimiya’s Canon Manga to end in mid-March after ten years

The love story of Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura will finally conclude this year. In fact, in the next month. The manga adaptation of Hori-san to Miyamura-kun will officially end in March as per the recent Monthly G Fantasy magazine. Horimiya manga completes almost a decade before the main story ends.

About Horimiya Manga

Horimiya was originally called Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. It was created by Hirochi Adachi, popularly known as Hero. At first, he published on his website Dokkai Ahen in a yonkoma(4-panel) style. Later, Square Enix published the web manga under Gangan Comics. The series ended on December 2011. However, under the title Hori-san to Miyamura-kun Omake, extra side stories are still publishing.

Horimiya's canon manga to end in mid-March after ten years

In October 2011, the Monthly G Fantasy magazine introduced a manga adaptation for the series. Titled Horimiya, Hero acts as a supervisor, with Daisuke Hagiwara as the illustrator. Yen press publishes the manga in English. As of now there are 15 volumes compiling all the chapters. Volume 16 will be the final volume in the series.

The Plot of Horimiya

Kyoko Hori is a bright and popular girl in high school. However she actually is an ordinary girl who takes care of her house and her brother. One day, her brother returns with a bleeding nose and is helped by a punk styled man. Hori recognises the man behind the tattoos and piercings as her classmate, Izumi Miyamura.

Horimiya's canon manga to end in mid-March after ten years

At school, Miyamura keeps a more nerdy look with his spectacles and gloomy appearance. Knowing who they really are beyond school hours, both of them promise to keep each other’s true identities as a secret. Later, they become friends and end up as a couple as the story goes on.

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The Final Chapter and Ongoing Anime

The concluding chapter of Horimiya will appear in the April issue of the Monthly G Fantasy magazine on March 18, 2021. Not only that, the chapter will have a full-colour opening page. The characters will also appear on the cover of the issue.

Horimiya's canon manga to end in mid-March after ten years

Currently, Horimiya is also airing as an anime adaptation, developed by CloverWorks. The series premiered on January 9 in Japan. Funimation is simulcasting the series on its website. The English dub of the anime is also airing since February 5. The anime will have 13 episodes, with 6 episodes already out.

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