Who is Lars Mittank? What Happened to Him? How Did He Disappear?

Ever heard the name of Lars Mittank? It probably does not ring a bell initially. But you might have heard this infamous name in the list of ‘mystery of disappearance’. We once in a while come across news about some mysterious disappearances of people and how they have been kept unsolved till this date. Lars Mittank is one of them.

Who is this man?

Lars Mittank was a 28-year-old German, who visited Golden Sands in Bulgaria with his friends in July 2014. One night partying with his friends inebriated, he got into a fight with a bunch of other guys. Being a fan of the football club, Werder Bremen, Lars had a warm contention with the supporters of his rival team, the Bayern Munich group. During this fight, he got injured in his back ear. 

He visited a doctor for his ruptured eardrum. The doctor suggested he should stay for the treatment, so he decided to stay. His friends offered him that one of them could stay with him but he declined this offer.

Lars Sudden Disappearance

Who is Lars Mittank? What Happened to Him? How Did He Disappear?

What happened next is an unknown mystery to all. During the following night, he got all paranoid and rushed to call his mother, Sarah Mittank. Being dread, he asked her to block all his credit cards, and also told her how he was not feeling safe in the hotel he was staying.
The very next day, he decided to board the plane back to Berlin, his hometown. But his mother suggested he should get his ear checked at the airport doctor’s office.

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What happened at that doctor’s office?

Lars went inside the clinic but there he started acting weird and strange. All of a sudden he got up and ran away from that place leaving his cell, wallet, and luggage. This incident was caught on CCTV footage. He got out of the terminal, climbed a fence, and ran away into the deep woods of Varna, Bulgaria. This was the last time anybody saw him.

The latest update of a man similar looking to Lars was seen on July 19, 2020. He was sighted at the Rhine river in Düsseldorf taking bath. But later it was found that he was not Lars Mittank. It’s been almost 6 years since his disappearance and still no sign.

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