‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Release Date Confirmed, Release Date & Watch Online

People all around the world are well aware of the name Aaron Hernandez. This name doesn’t need any introduction. Thanks to the amazing football skills he earned a lot of name and fame. Aaron Hernandez was an amazing player and apart from that, he was also a murder.

Yes, you heard it right this famous NFL player was a murder. Soon a documentary titled ‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ is going to get released that will show different aspects of Hernandez’s life. This upcoming film will showcase the Hernandez family, his National Football league career and how fans respected and admired him because of his skills. This documentary will also show how his golden and multimillionaire life turned into hell after he was found guilty of murder.

‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Release Date Confirmed, Release Date & Watch Online

We have great news as we happen to know the ‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ release date and spoilers. But before knowing that first see who Aaron Fernandez is.

Aaron Fernandez

Every American footballer lover knows this name. Fernandez was one of the most dominating names in the Nation Football League. This American footballer was born in Bristol, Connecticut, United States on November 6, 1989.

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His childhood wasn’t pleasant as his father used to beat him a lot after drinking alcohol and unexpectedly his father died when he was only sixteen years old. In his high school years, Hernandez started playing football and became quite fond of this sport. In high school, he also won the title of the Connecticut Player of the Year and continued playing football in college too. Later thanks to his hard work and excellent plays he was picked up by The New England Patriots and became one of the dominating players in the history of NFL.

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‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Release Date Confirmed, Release Date & Watch Online

But soon his ravishing and glorious life and all the new heights he achieved were gone in a blink when he was found guilty and was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Odin was a semi-professional player who was dating this star player’s fiancé. On April 15, 2015, he was found guilty of his crimes and was announced murder and he was sent to spend the rest of his life in prison.

‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Release Date Confirmed, Release Date & Watch Online

On April 19, 2017, when he was 27 he committed suicide in the prison.

Spoilers for ‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’

This upcoming film will heavily focus on the late NFL player Aaron Hernandez and his life after he started playing for The New England Patriots in 2010. This new documentary’s official synopsis says: “Aaron Hernandez once seemingly had it all. A multi-million dollar NFL career with the New England Patriots, a beautiful fiancé, a young daughter and the admiration of fans. But by 2013, his life had become a far cry from its soaring highs as Hernandez had become an inmate at Bristol County House of Correction while awaiting trial in the shooting death of friend Odin Lloyd. It was here that Hernandez and Sheriff Thomas Hodgson had many discussions about life and Hernandez began sharing secrets about himself few others knew.

‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Release Date Confirmed, Release Date & Watch Online

The new film’s synopsis further reads: “In ‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’ Sheriff Hodgson reveals everything about his time with Hernandez, including his final gesture to the troubled star. Sharing their insights are Boston Globe Senior NFL reporter Ben Volin and former senior legal reporter at Boston Globe Maria Cramer.”

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Release Date of ‘Aaron Hernandez: Life Inside’

This upcoming documentary which is created by ‘Reelz’ will be out on February 14. This coming Sunday it will air on Reelz Channel at 10 pm ET/ 7 pm PT.

We are very excited about this new documentary. Are you?

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