Solo Leveling Chapter 139: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Solo Levelling is one of the most if not the most popular manga in South Korea on the web ever created. It is written by Chu-Gong and published by D&C Media. It was first published on the 4rth of March 2018 and it’s still going on. The fans are crazy and wait for new episodes quite eagerly.

This anime is one of the most thrilling animes ever written with character arcs and great storylines and plots that move the character and vice versa. Solo Leveling is one of the few anime that can compete with mangas like  Attack On Titan and My Hero Academia.


Solo Leveling Chapter 139 will release on the 10th of February 2021. The time of release may vary from place to place. For e.g, for the Pacific zone, the chapter will release at 10 am. For the Central zone, it will release at 12 pm. For the Eastern zone, it will release at 1 pm. And for the British zone, it’s at 6 pm. If you are not familiar with the Korean language, Then you have to wait a little longer for the English translation.


You can read this manga on the original website of Solo Leveling. You can also read this manga on Isekaiscan manga, Read solo leveling manga, Manga rock team, and Read manga.


In this chapter, we can see an assassination attempt on our protagonist. And quite possibly meet Asian hunter Jin-woo who can save his life. The murder of Regia has been confirmed by Jin-Woo in Japan. Jin-Woo left the dungeon with his ant army for precaution.

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