F9: Here’s Why The Rock and Jason Statham are Nowhere to be Seen in Fast and Furious 9 Trailer

The series Fast and Furious is not only just a name, it’s an emotion for the movie lover. No matter, are you watch Hollywood or not, but I sure that you watch this series often in your lifetime. Now fast and furious 9 is just to release in May 2021. But this movie is gonna be a little different than other movies. There are some updates leaks regarding this which we going to tell here.

The updates say that our beloved The rock and Jason Statham don’t appear in this movie. So, if you want to what happened and what going to in the future then go through this article. After reading this, I hope you get all the answers of your questions.

Why The rock and Jason Statham don’t appear in F9?

Dwayne Johnson AKA the rock do not return in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie. Now it’s officially confirmed. But what is the reason behind it?  Dwayne Johnson debut in Fast and Furious movie in the year of 2011. Here he worked as an agent of the United States Diplomatic Security Service. He hired a bounty hunter for taking down Dom Torreto and his crew. After he joined forces with Dom. In Fast and Furious 6 and 7 we saw him as a very loyal friend who actually helps Dom by breaking his retirement. From here actually, he won the heart of we viewers.

But unfortunately in F9 not only he but Jason Statham also not appeared. So there are simple answers that come from Dwayne Johnson that, he is busy now shooting Hobbs & Shaw. He said he have also performed in other movies rather than Fast and Furious. That’s why he is not available in this part. Though there will be a very little chance to perform him in this movie in a very small part.

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On the other hand, Jason Statham also has the same problem. He is also busy because he has to do lots of interviews and promotion for their upcoming film Hobbs & Shaw.

When they return in the series?

So, it’s quiet obvious that they will be directly appeared in the Fast and Furious 10. Which probably gonna be the last movie of this series. After that may be the production wrap up on this series.

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