Bumblebee 2 vs Transformers 6: Which Movie has the Higher Chance of Happening

Transformer – receive negative comments

Transformers is an American serial that is based on science fiction. The first five-part has directed by Michael Bay.

The transformer movie received many negative comments except Bumblebee. The only series which get a positive review from the public.

Bumblebee: new science fiction series

Bumblebee is also a science fiction series of America. This series is centered on a Transformers character of the same name. This is directed by Travis Knight and written by Christina Handson. One more thing that this is the 6th part of Transformers.

Some truth between Transformers and Bumblebee

There is a truth that all the five series of Transformers lose the budget of box office. Bumblebee has the power to secure Transformer. It has the capability to fulfill the wants of Transformers.

“Unlike the first five Transformers movies, this sixth installment was absolutely “saved” by China. Bumblebee earned $170 million in China alone, which made up 51% of its overseas cume.”

As per the media Transformers earning report

So if the public wants the report in which they know about their earning so – some information was given by the media -for reference, Transformers: The Last Knight earned $228m of its $475m overseas cume (48%) from China in 2017, Transformers: Age of Extinction earned $320m (37%) of its $858.6m overseas cume there in 2014 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon earned $165m (21%) of its $771.4m overseas total in China during the summer of 2011. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen earned $65.8m (15%) of its $434m overseas cume in China in June and July of 2009, while Transformers earned just $37.2m (9.5%) of its $390.4m cume in China in the summer of 2007.

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Now Transformer become an old movie

As we all know that Transformers become an old movie. There was a time when this movie was really a “movie”. But now it has nothing to introduce and develop.

As per the media “it is also possible that audiences really did miss the Michael Bay-level action spectacle and didn’t crave a toned-down Transformers movie that emphasized character and emotion over giant robots riding robot-dinosaurs throwing boats at each other.”

While Bumblebee was such a good movie as a comparison to Transformers. And if you compare any other movie with Bumblebee then you will also see the same result.

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