Will Spider Man 3 introduce Mr. Negative to the MCU franchise?

The buzz for the third Spiderman movie is going wilder and wilder. There are a number of things that we know, and there are things still unconfirmed. We still don’t know if Tobey Maguire would be a part of the film, but Kevin Feige confirmed the movie connecting with the Doctor Strange sequel. The casting initially suggested it though.

Now some recent material suggests that there can be something newer awaiting in the upcoming movie. With something newer, we mean the possibility of a new villain, Mr. Negative. This definitely is something we’ve never seen before in any Spiderman film before.

Will Spider Man 3 Introduce Mr Negative to the MCU Franchise

About Mr. Negative

Mr. Negative is an alter ego of Martin Li, a kind and benevolent person involved in charity. As Mr. Negative, he looks like the negative of a photo. Martin Li develops these two personalities because of experiments run on him by the crime syndicate Maggia and its leader Silvermane.

The alter ego is obviously a bad guy, looking forward to become the crime lord in Chinatown. Initially, in the comics, it appeared that they were not aware of their personalities. But it was proved wrong, with both sides being fully aware of each other. However, Martin Li continues to help people and establishes F.E.A.S.T., an organization dedicated to serve the homeless.

Will Spider Man 3 Introduce Mr Negative to the MCU Franchise

Mr. Negative releases a black electrical energy, which can allow him to heal and charge objects like knives and swords. He can also corrupt and control people. The 2018 Spiderman game also showed him shooting blasts of negative energy. Apart from this, he has extraordinary physical strength and strong reflexes. Being a crime lord, he also has access to secret laboratories and higher technology.

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Why The Idea Came In The First Place?

When Spiderman: Far From Home was yet to release, there were speculations about Mr. Negative. When Remy Hii was added to the cast, it was thought he would be playing the crime lord. Obviously, that did not come out to be true. But a recent photo from the Spiderman 3 sets gives a very strong suggestion.

Will Spider Man 3 Introduce Mr Negative to the MCU Franchise

In the picture, we can see the truck with F.E.A.S.T. (Food, Emergency, Aid, Shelter, and Training) painted on it. As mentioned before, the organisation was founded by Li. The earlier set photos had a Christmas setting – pretty smooth for the organisation to enter the movie. Because Mr. Negative appeared in the game, it could be predictable for him to show up.

Will Spider Man 3 Introduce Mr Negative to the MCU Franchise

What Would His Appearance Mean?

We already have a multistarrer situation awaiting in the third Spiderman movie. Also, we have Doctor Strange and the multiverse. It is a little intriguing how would they pull this off, despite the success of Avengers: Endgame. Also, not to forget that we could see Charlie Cox returning as Matt Murdock/ Daredevil.

With so much on the plate, it seems that there would be two movies to work all these out. Getting back to Mr. Negative and Martin Li, he would most probably be an easter egg for now. The movie could introduce him, but the current premise of the third movie does not seem to have room. Although we hope we get to see the Sinister Six with Electro and Dr. Octopus.

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