Wanda will Bring Michael Fassbender’s Magneto in WandaVision and MCU

WandaVision is set to include Callback To Magneto From X-Men. FYI Spoiler Alert! Proceed with caution!

The first Phase 4 project of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has forced fans to think about what’s really going on in Wanda’s fabricated reality, leaving everyone with their own crazy and too far from reality theories that eventually swamped all over social media. 

There is a lot to unravel in terms of the Westview anomaly in Wanda Vision which is now being brought to the forefront in the upcoming and some of the react episodes.

The eventual birth of the MCU’s X-Men as the impact of Wanda Vision is something that is highly speculated and hoped to be true. This is prominently due to the House of M references in the show (trust us, there are multiple!).

It is not sure if Wanda will play a massive role in bringing the perennial mutants to MCU, but in light of the blockbuster, comics show that the super-powerful Avenger will be responsible for doing so.

This belief was further added by the super surprise cameo of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver from the Fox universe at the tail-end of Episode 5. At this stage, it’s only a matter of time before mutants will be confirmed to be part of the blockbuster massive franchise. 

Meanwhile, an interesting callback has been spotted in the latest episode of WandaVision that directly ties to Wanda’s mutant roots.  

Wanda will Bring Michael Fassbender's Magneto in WandaVision and MCU


After Episode 5 of WandaVision, there were a lot of similarities between the MCU’s Wanda Maximoff and Magneto from Fox’s X-Men universe, specifically in the sequence when Wanda leaves her Westview “bubble” for the first time in the entire series.

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 After having many S.W.O.R.D. agents bring out and point their guns at her, Wanda inculcated these soldiers to bring out and point their weapons at their own Director, Tyler Hayward. 


It is not new that Marvel Studio’s tajes bold and bigger risks and the inclusion of this Easter egg could be the first major clue of Magneto’s arrival in the MCU.

According to plan, the origin of Wanda and Pietro could easily be retconned to make it seem that the X-Men anti-hero is their father ever since, which could add another layer of fascination to their Sokovian roots

The singular fact that the mutant abilities of the twins were already teased previously opens the window for Magneto’s game-changing MCU debut.

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