iOS 15: Release Date, Features & Everything We Know So Far

Are you going to buy a new iPhone or iPhone 13 or you are already a iOS user then read this article which gonna be a very informative for you. Today in this article we are going to talk about the upcoming iOS, iOS 15.

In this article, we are going to do a deep discussion of iOS 15 in its different prospects like features, release date, and many more. So, if you interested then read till the end for know all your answers regarding this.

Probable release date of iOS 15

In the starting of this year, Apple company already announced their WWDC event of this year. In this event, they will disclose and demonstrate the iOS first time in front of the media. The event organized in the month of June 2021. So, probably we can see the release of iOS 15 in mobile in the end of 2021. Though this is an estimated date, officially didn’t confirm the date till now.

What features can we expect from iOS 15?

When we talk about iPhone then we all have great expectations with its unique user-friendly software. But it’s very sorry to say you guys that Apple till now not confirming any upcoming features of iOS 15. Here are some fake news and rumors spreading in the market regarding this. But there are some solid news and hard evidence that prove apple come with some new features. Let’s check the following list to know the probable new features.

  • Widgets on lock screen
  • Presentation mode in FaceTime
  • Expanded choice of default apps
  • Further reading
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These are maybe the topmost features of the upcoming iOS 15. Some of this list already introduced in iOS 14, but they return in iOS 15 with more efficiently and in an upgraded way than the previous one.

In which models we see iOS 15?

Till now it’s confirmed that iOS 15 come up with the upcoming iPhone 13. But it’s pretty sure that, we see this update rolling from the more or less in iPhone 7 to their later versions.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for getting the latest updates.

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