Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Relationship Explained: They Were Toxic with Eachother

The American Horror Story ex-co stars were the cute chic couple of the time but their relationship was filled with hell lotta of drama and alleged deceit of various instances; even Keeping up with the Kardashians seems like a cheesecake ( not the much-intended pun!) but let’s not get into KUK.

The duo met on the set of their movie, Adult World, in 2012, yet didn’t start dating until after filming wrapped. This was let out by Miss Roberts herself on Chelsea long back. By January 2013, the duo went public, walking the red carpet at an afterparty for the 70th Annual Golden Globes. Soon enough, love blossomed like anything as the couple was spotted everywhere, from sightseeing in Paris to strolling in New York. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t last for this A-list match and they couldn’t situation together not even for a full year. It terrible considering the “chemistry” they shared in the movie together.  “Their romance is pretty extreme,” revealed an insider adding that, “They just behave in a way that’s very passionate.”

Throughout the innumerable breakups and make-ups, it looks like these two just couldn’t make it work. Let’s get into it ASAP!

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Relationship Explained: They Were Toxic with Eachother

They dealt with a dicey domestic abuse incident

An unsuccessful celeb relationship is just something that turns tabloids truly on! The incident in July 2013 was the perfect attest for this. 

As the outlet dished in July 2013, police were called to the pair’s Montreal hotel room after a fight was heard. Once the cops arrived at the scene, they spotted Peters with a bloody nose and bite mark and “immediately arrested” the starlet. As sources close to Roberts told the outlet, “Emma and Evan were hitting each other and she was arrested because he had obvious physical injuries.” 

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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Relationship Explained: They Were Toxic with Eachother

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ relationship was ‘toxic’

In her interview with Nylon, which hit the stands a few days after the incident, Roberts spoke about her public image, claiming that “a lot of people perceive [her] differently.” The biggest plot twist was that she talked about “making mistakes,” where she dished, “I can’t say I’m never going to mess up, but if I do, I’ll definitely be very sorry.” How terrible can be timing be for the Wild Child actress. 

In a questionable turn of events, Peter didn’t press any charges and let ger girlfriend off, and didn’t end their relationship. But one wonders, – Do wounds of the heart heal so fast? With the love day nearing it does leave one to ponder!

There’s no denying that Evan Peters and Emma Roberts’ relationship was one filled with heaviness. All things considered, it looked like the couple got too serious, too fast, as well.

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