Peaky Blinders Season 6 Wouldn’t be the Finale of the Saga as Showrunner Confirms Movie Continuation:

BBC original show Peaky Blinders first aired on the platform way back in 2013. It is a story about a family in Birmingham, England way back in 1919, in the backdrop of the First World War. The story revolves around our Anti Hero Tommy Shelby who is played by Cillian Murphy in the show.

The first season introduced the character of Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell who is played by none other than Sam Neill. He was a part of the project to purify Birmingham of Gangsters, Communists, and IRA. The project was started by Winston Churchill himself. The second season just focuses on the expansion of the Peaky Blinders in every part of Birmingham and establish authority over the city.


The third season had an expansion of the gang overseas and their struggle in doing so. In season four they introduced a new character called Luca Changretta which Adrien Brody played and his father Vincente, whom Peaky Blinders killed in the last season. He is a member and leader of the vendetta mafia. And he wants to take revenge on his father and kill the Peaky Blinders which forced the divided family to come together again after Luca Changretta killed John Shelby.


The fifth season became even more interesting after the introduction of Oswald Mosley played by Sam Claflin, who is a member of Parliament and the leader of BUF, a fascist party in the 1930s. This season was a little different than the other seasons because, in the end, Tommy loses the rivalry and failed to kill him. we will continue this story in season 6.

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Season 6 was reported to be the final season of Peaky Blinders. The creators of the show say on their official website that the production of the show has started and the pic of Cillian Murphy getting the special haircut was published and went viral. The creators of the show confirmed in that official statement that this will be the last season of Peaky Blinders But the last line of the statement said otherwise. Our guess that the show will end but a new series or a movie will start to continue the story.

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