Grammy-nominated Sophie Xeon Cause of Death

In the starting of 2021, we lost our one favourite artist Sophie Xeon. I know, thisĀ  is gonna be a shocking news for you. We are also speechless when first time we heard this news. Her loss from the music industry is a immeasurable loss for the industry.

Today in this article we gonna talk about her career in brief and specially the cause of death.

In know most of you guys already know about her but if you are not know then the next paragraph is for you.

Who is Sophie Xeon

Sophie Xeon is a Scottish musician, song writer, record producer. She was born on 17 th September, 1986 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. She died in 30th January, 2021.


Sophie started her career as a Dj who work in party, weddings and birthday parties. After that, she started career in adult music, and the band name is Motherland. After that, she collaborated with many famous band and music company to establish her career in next level.

But the breakthrough of her career came in the year of 2015, when Charli XCX collaborated with Sophie. From 2017- 2021 was the peak time for her career. In 2018, her album “Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” nominated for Grammy award.

These are the most highlighted part of her career. Beside this he also worked in many famous production and creat lots of albums.

Cause of Death

Her death is very unfortunate for her family and for the industry. In that time she lived in Athens, Greece. According to the police, she slipped and fell from the balcony of her apartment in the lock time 4 am. Till now no one is suspected for her death. According to police, this is may be a cause of accident which take the life of this superstar. Celebrities tweeted to express their feelings regarding this incident. On the same time, her family thanks to everyone for being with them and want to maintain a privacy of the matter.

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