Who is Emilia Clarke’s Mystery Man With Whom She is Quarantining

Who is Emilia Clarke’s mystery man with whom she is quarantining.

Game of Thrones fame Emilia Clarke was seen quarantining with a ‘mystery man’ during the lockdown last year. Let’s check out who that man is.

Mystery Man

Quarantine had made people so alone, unless you had a company. That happened with our  beloved British actress Emilia Clarke too. Well that ‘mystery man’ who was accompanying her is also her co-star.

Who is Emilia Clarke's Mystery Man With Whom She is Quarantining

GOT actor Richard Madden was quarantining with Emilia. Madden was also accompanied by Teen Wolf actor Froy Gutierrez. Both of them rented Emilia’s two-bedroom luxurious apartment in Los Angeles.

Details by Source

A close source gave the details to The Sun that: “Richard and Brandon bounded over being up and coming actors in the industry and decided to share a place while both working in LA. But they have fallen out in the past few months and have cut ties with each other.”

Who is Emilia Clarke's Mystery Man With Whom She is Quarantining

Brandon here is actor Brandon Flynn. Both Richard and Brandon were sharing their place in the early pandemic. But later Flynn moved out to that which cost £20,000 a month. Then Froy and Richard moved into Emilia’s place.

The earlier source also added: “Brandon has made it clear that he doesn’t want to see Richard because he asked the team at Versace not to invite him to a party they are having at the beginning of December.”

Who is Emilia Clarke's Mystery Man With Whom She is Quarantining

There were rumors that Richard and Flynn were having an intimate relationship. That caused the breaking up between their friendship. The source revealed that Richard was in LA and finally happy sharing space with Froy during the lockdown.

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