Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s Baby Due in February, Insider Sources Hint

If you have seen Game Of Thrones, You probably know the characters of Jon Snow and Ygritte. One of the most beloved characters of the HBO show. Both of the characters are shown to fall in love in the show, perhaps for a short time.

Kit Harington who played Jon Snow ( Aegon Targaryen) in the show and Rose Leslie who played Ygritte, a free folk in HBO’s Game Of Thrones are in fact in a relationship in real life too.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Baby Due in February, Insider Sources Hint


In august fans, started to see them on dates many times and the rumor started. they didn’t address the rumors at that time. Whenever they were asked about this topic, they answered that they are really good friends and that helped on the on-screen romance too. But the fans were still sure about their relationship.

A year later a source said the relationship was off. But when they were seen together in Comic-Con for the promotion of Game Of Thrones in 2014, Suspicion started again among the followers of these couples.

In 2015, a picture went viral, they were seen on the airport being cozy. the picture was clicked by a Game Of Thrones fan. in 2016, they were spotted kissing and their relationship was confirmed.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Baby Due in February, Insider Sources Hint


In 2016, they announced that they are in a relationship and went to the Olivier Awards red carpet together looking amazing. a year later they engaged. They married in 2018 in Scotland.

In September 2020, when Leslie was photo shooting for UK’s Make Magazine, she revealed that the couple is expecting a child. The gender has not been revealed by the couple but it’s due in February. the couple confirmed.

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