The Masked Singer Season 5: Possibly Returning in 2022, Release Date.

The Masked singer is an American singing competition show. It premiered on Fox on 2nd January 2019. It is a masked singer show which is firstly began in South Korea. In this show the celebrities wearing a mask while their singing.

According to the creator this is a series in which 4 to 6 contestants participate and sing a 90 seconds cover for panelists and an audience anonymously in costume.

When the last season ended i.e. season 4 the fans want to that the creator launched new episode of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer Season 5: Possibly Returning in 2022, Release Date.

It is too late to announce new series

There is still no date announce for the next season of it. Because due to COVID season 4 was launched too late that’s why they do not make any announcements for it. But they only announce one thing that the show will have season 5 and its premium may be in the year 2021.

Currently, It’s unclear that when they create season 5 because due to coronavirus there are some restrictions in the country while making the series.

The Masked Singer Season 5: Possibly Returning in 2022, Release Date.

When they will launch it? Fans questions

Many fans wants their answer when they launched season 5 of masked singer. So this is not clear not but yes the season is definitely coming in 2021. “I’m so happy to announce a new season of The Masked Singer”, Rob Wade fox’s president of alternative entertainment told this on 2nd December.

2021 Updates of Season 5

The Masked Singer Season 5 will bring some amazing surprises as confirmed by Executive producer Craig Plestis . “For casting, just so you know, there’s going to be a couple unbelievable surprises that we’ve never done before. Unbelievable,” he told Entertainment Weekly. The show always try to surpass that bar of its previous year.

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The judges Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy will all return to The Masked Singer. Nick Cannon is also set to host season 5, though he will be missing from the first few episodes as he tested positive for COVID-19, according to Variety. Instead of him, actress and host Niecy Nash will fill in for Nick until he is able to come back to work.

It is scheduled to kick off on March 10th, Wednesday at 8 P.M. on Fox. This time the singers will be of higher profiles even better then previous seasons. We are excited to know more about the show and to watch it. It’s also available to watch live in Tubi, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV(though only the subscribers can watch) Youtube TV, and Fubo TV. Lets wait for to pop the next best show for us.

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