Persona 6: Release Date Updates in 2021 & Everything We Know

Shin Megami Tensei is usually known as Persona. This is a seires of video game which is developed by Japan and published by Atlus. This game released its first series in 1996 on PlayStation. It also had made a number of series.

The characters are co-creator Kazuma Kaneko and Shigenori Soejima. The theme of Persona is based on ‘exploration of the human psyche and how the characters find their true selves’. “The series’ recurring concepts and design elements draw on Jungian psychology and psychological personas, along with religion, mythology, and literature”, these words are said by creators.

Establish its own value

The Persona series establish their own strong value. These series also popular all over the world.  After collecting the positive review from the public the creator said,”The series has since gone on to sell over 13 million copies worldwide, outselling its parent franchise” .

Now after enjoying the 5th series of persona the public wants to new series i.e. 6th one. It is not officially announced by the Atlus but they also try to launched its new series. And it just a sequel of persona 5. He also said it is hard now but they try try best .

It takes huge time to launched series 6

It is not easy to launch new series of game very fast. It definitely takes huge time for it. Like if we will take an example persona 5 it was fully made in 2011 and after 5 years it had launched so you can expect that when they will make a new one.

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They said that “Atlus does plan to make Persona 6 at some point in the future. We just don’t know exactly when. Last October, company reps told Japanese gaming outlet Dengeki PlayStation”. “We are working on a mid-to-long-term plan, including new numbered entries, so that fans can continue to enjoy the Persona series this year.”

The public has forced to make new series of Persona.  Even though they has not yet announced new one but the public are trying to make their own thinking about its new series.

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