Here’s How to Watch Euphoria Special Episode 2: Possible Season 2 Set Up & More

Are you excited for a new episode of Euphoria? Right after the first season, Euphoria dropped some special episodes. The second one gives out a teaser of Jules’ Christmas and is also co-written by Hunter Schafer (the star who plays Jules). The trailer of this special is out and the release date is super soon. In this episode, Jules is in the spotlight after the first episode with her and Rue.

The first episode is titled, “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” which shows Rue and Ali again. Within this episode, Rue and Ali discuss Rue’s drug use, relapse and also her interest for Jules. By the upcoming special episode, we get to see Jule’s side to her story. This episode is title “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” or also “part 2”. According to HBO, this episode will release really soon by January 22nd.

Jules’ story in Episode 2

Euphoria: special episode part 2 | HBO

Hunter Schafer not only co-writes this episode but also stars in it to share her story of Jules. In the trailer, Jules seems to have it worse than Rue. She runs away from her father and revisits all of the chaotic events that we saw in season 1.

Clearly, all of these events have left an impact on her and now she must deal with it. She tries to make sense of her feelings about everything she’s gone through and also her feelings for Rue.

In this episode also, we may see Rue and Jules as a couple in an alternate universe. Following the story, Rue and Jules are in their 20s and working. Rue hides her drug use from Jules and has relapsed.

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Where to watch?

Euphoria’s special episode will premiere on HBO. It is also available to watch on Hulu.

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