Solo Leveling Chapter 136: Jin-woo Meets the Final Dungeon Boss, Release Date, English Spoilers, Read Online

The next chapter of Solo Leveling, Chapter 136, is going to release on Wednesday, 20 January 2021. Every new chapter of the manhwa releases at midnight Korean Standard Time. Fans across the world may have a different release date depending upon their time zones. KakaoPage will first release the South Korean version of the manhwa and then release it in the English version.

The protagonist, Sung Jin-woo, has arrived in Japan to save the people who have been attacked by S Rank giants. Due to the sudden appearance of S Rank gate, several giant monsters have appeared in Tokyo and another part of Japan. Yuri Orlove, the Russian S Rank Hunter has died while fighting the monsters. Before Jin-woo arrived in Japan, more than one million people have already died.

Japan reported that around 29 giants have emerged from the gate and began destroying their country. The country started asking for help from other countries like America and Korea. Korea refused to help, but Jin-woo volunteered to save people from the destruction. As soon as he arrived in Japan, he split his shadows into four groups and begins fighting the giants with Yoo Jin-Ho.

The giants appearing before Jin-woo seemed to be boss. Jin-woo quickly realised that the giant he killed isn’t a boss, as the boss is waiting inside the S Rank gate. These giants are almost as powerful as the previous bosses, Jin-woo has fought. He soon realised that the monsters will continue pouring from the gate if he doesn’t defeat the dungeon boss quickly and close the gate.

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The leaks claim that the upcoming chapter will be the final chapter in Japan arc. Once the Japan arc gets completed then we will enter the America arc. There is a spoiler surrounding the upcoming chapter that Jin-woo will meet Goliath Monarch in the final dungeon. He asks Jin-woo to unchain him and tells him that he will help humans, but in reality, he has another dubious plan.

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