Joe Biden to Cancel $9bn Keystone XL Pipeline on the Very First Day at His Office

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (Joe Biden) is the newly elected president of the United States. He had also served as a vice president in Barack Obama administration 2008-2016.

The Harmful Project 

In 2015 Barack Obama stopped that project by saying that Canada only takes more advantage of it and also increases the bit of greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada’s ambassador said to the US, “she would continue to promote a project that she said fitted with both countries’ environmental plans”. And Kirsten Hillman stated: “There is no better partner for the US on climate action than Canada as we work together for the green transition,”.

In 2017 Trump issued a license or we can say permission in which he allowed ‘the line to move forward’ his that permission was very harmful to the US government and for these environmental groups to file a case against it.

Joe Biden to Cancel $9bn Keystone XL Pipeline on the Very First Day at His Office

Biden First Act

According to the media, he passes his first act in which he is planning to cancel the permit for the 9 billion dollar Keystone XL pipeline project.

When Biden was the vice president at that time he rejects that project due to combat climate change.

The Keystone XL pipeline, this pipeline is operated by TC Energy Corp.
“The words ‘Rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit’ appear on a list of executive actions likely scheduled for the first day of Biden’s presidency, according to an earlier”, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC).

Joe Biden to Cancel $9bn Keystone XL Pipeline on the Very First Day at His Office

There is a project in which moving of oil from the province of Alberta to Nebraska, had been very slowed by some issues in the U.S. in which they faced many problems.

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Environmentalists want to analyze the increment of Canada’s oil sands by conflicting new pipelines to refineries.

He Had Faced Some Comments

Some words also commented by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, he said on Twitter “he was ‘deeply concerned’ by the report adding that “canceling the presidential permit for the pipeline would ‘kill jobs on both sides of the border’ weaken U.S.-Canada relations and undermine American national security by making the United States more dependent on OPEC oil imports.”

Kenney said on Twitter: “Should Biden’s administration block the Keystone XL pipeline permit, Alberta will work with TC to pursue all legal avenues available,”. For that TC announces “various services in which they promise to use only renewable energy, in a bid they only do this to win the support of those who are with Biden.”

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