Alexandra Daddario Movies in 2021: Upcoming Project & What the Future Holds for the Actresses

Alexandra Daddario is one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood. She has been a part of one of the best series Humankind has ever made, True Detective. which is also a highlight of her career. let’s look at some of the Alexandra Daddario Movies.

She has been a part of movies like Baywatch, San Andreas, Rampage, Texas chainsaw reboot, The Layover among many others. She got her big chance in the Percy Jackson series which made her a known figure. In 2019, She’s also produced a movie named Can You Keep a Secret? which was a romantic comedy.

Alexandra Daddario Movies

Alexandra Daddario Movies in 2021: Upcoming Project & What the Future Holds for the Actresses


San Andreas was released in 2015 and the creators are on board for a second part. The actress played the daughter of The Rock in the movie and This movie could focus on her story as a central plot. The movie is still in Pre-productions as the actress is also interested in reprising her role for the second part. The release date is still to be confirmed.

Alexandra Daddario Movies in 2021: Upcoming Project & What the Future Holds for the Actresses


Airborne is also an upcoming movie starring Alexandra Daddario which focus on the story of some passengers on a plane with a deadly virus that could kill them all. The actress will be in the lead in this thriller. The studios have not announced an official date of release for this movie. The movie is still in Development.


This movie is also in pre-production right now but this movie has Alexandra Daddario as a model who has been dating the husband of a character played by Evangeline Lilly in this movie. this is going to be a romantic comedy and the plot looks intimidating.

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The release date for this movie which is a mix of romance and action is 12 February 2021. The story is a bit cliche about falling in love despite their families despise each other. This is going to an exciting watch on they take a cliche story and tell it in an unconventional way.

Alexandra Daddario Movies’ first entry in the mainstream was through the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She has gained much popularity through the years and is currently filming a miniseries named The White Lotus for HBO.

She has a keen sense of variety and has worked in projects both big screen and the small screen with a theme and an intent of continuing. It looks like she holds a lot of potentials as we know from her highlighting movies and we hope to see her more in the future. Recently she went on vacation mode this new year as she posted her fun pictures wishing us “Bye 2020”.

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