Who is Meadow Walker? Everything You Need to Know About Paul Walker’s Daughter:

On 11 April 1998, Paul walker and Rebeccas McBrian had a little girl child. they named Meadow Walker. She is the only child of the late actor Paul Walker who is a famous actor which was a part of the Fast and Furious franchise until his death.

He died on 30 November 2013 in Valencia, California, the United States in a car accident when he was returning from a charity event in his Porche. He always talked about his little daughter in talk shows and interviews and film’s press conference, everywhere. Meadow was known to the world as Paul Walker’s only daughter.

Who is Meadow Walker? Everything You Need to Know About Paul Walker's Daughter:


She’s 22 years old now. With 1.8 million followers on Instagram, she has created her own identity despite being the late paul walker’s daughter. She has been following her modeling career since.

Until she was 13, she lived in Hawaii with her mother Rebeccas McBrian until she had a problem with alcohol, so she had to give her up and move to live with his Father Paul walker in California until his death in the car crash when Meadow was 15 years old.

Then her mother fought a legal battle for her guardianship with Her grandparents ( Paul Walker’s parents).

Who is Meadow Walker? Everything You Need to Know About Paul Walker's Daughter:


Now she has been following the footsteps of her father, paul walker. Paul Walker was very much involved in charity works. Meadow has also started a charity house with her father’s name, “The Paul Walker Foundation”. She also moved to New York for her Modeling career. She is also close to Vin Diesel and his family.

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Meadow Walker 2021 Update

Starting her modelling career in 2017 Meadow Walker has become quite famous recently. Ever since she has been a DNA model as per her Instagram bio. Being Paul Walker’s only daughter, she has gained a lot of attention over the years. She often posts tributes to her late father Paul Walker who died in his 40’s in a car accident. Recently, she honoured her father by post a throwback photo of her younger self taking a nap on her fathers’ chest. The photo has owned hearts also the caption read “Here’s a photo of my best bud & I napping.” Its quite clear how much Paul loved his daughter. Even Walkers’ brother Cody once told “He loved being a dad. He was so proud of her,”.

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