Who is Ben Shapiro Sister? Abigail Shapiro Getting Harassed by Online Trolls

Celebrities and their loved ones getting harassed online isn’t a new thing. It is very sad and heartbreaking to see when any celebrity or famous personality is harassed online and received threatening messages. It is sadder when their loved ones are harassed just because they are connected to some big names. The same thing happened when Abigail Shapiro the little sister of political commentator Ben Shapiro was trolled just because they share the same surname.

Ben Shapiro and Abigail Shapiro Relationship 

Ben Shapiro or Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is an American conservative political commentator and media host and he is a very famous host. He was born on January 15, 1984. He was only seventeen when he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in America. He is also the host of his own TV show ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’ which he founded.

This young and beautiful lady is sure a talented one. This American lady was born in 1994 in Los Angeles, California. She was born into a Jewish family. She used to be an ‘opera singer’ and makeup artist. She was graduated from the Manhattan School of music. She has given herself the title of ‘conservative influencer.’

Who is Ben Shapiro Sister? Abigail Shapiro Getting Harassed by Online Trolls

Why she was harassed?

Abigail has to pay for her brother’s controversies and actions in public. Because of her brother, she was trolled by many people, and her YouTube channel was flooded with hateful comments and all the comments were very gross and bad.

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The comments on her channel became so vile and unpleasant that she had to turn them off. People came in support of her and defended her as whatever happened has nothing to do with her.

Who defended her?

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt came forward and supported Ben Shapiro’s sister, Abigail Shapiro by raising his voice against the anti-Semitic members of the alt-right. Jonathan said, “The members of the ‘alt-right who are doing this have absolutely no shame.

” The CEO then added,” The disgusting anti-Semitic attacks and harassment of Ben Shapiro’s sister on her professional YouTube channel is an example of how low these haters will go to attempt to intimidate Jewish journalists and their families.”

Greenblatt not only raised his voice and defended musician turned spokesperson but he also promised that he will inform his contacts at YouTube and will solve this issue as he added, “We will reach out to our contacts at YouTube to notify them immediately about this abuse of their platform.”

Who is Ben Shapiro Sister? Abigail Shapiro Getting Harassed by Online Trolls

It wasn’t only Jonathan Greenblatt who thinks that what happened was wrong as Abigail Shapiro’s brother Ben Shapiro also came forward and defended his sister as he said, “My sister doesn’t deserve this.”

She defended her honor

If you guys think Abigail didn’t say anything to defend herself then you are wrong. After some time when all this happened she went public and said, “Now that they know who I am, I’m going to be living with these kinds of things forever-people sending me gross stuff. I’d rather it not be something I deal with privately. My name is going to be linked with Ben’s at this point or down the line.”

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