Teanna Trump Road Rage Video is Going Viral on Youtube

Teanna Trump, who went viral last month after an argument with Lil Baby’s girlfriend online that she was going to live with a “cheating” man, is now in the news because she is accused of following a woman in a street rage dispute. In the video, we can see Trump aggressively getting out of her car and shouting at the woman allegedly following her.

About Teanna

Teanna Trump is a 25 years old American adult actress, whose real name is Keanna Nichele Jones. She always reveals everything, including her not so great experiences with celebrities, on podcasts including No Jumper and Drinkin ‘Bros.

In 2019, she allegedly wrote a tweet to the official Oklahoma City Thunder: “Your player needs to pay me what I owe,” as shown on screenshots obtained by Sports Gossip. The tweet has now been deleted and it is not confirmed which player Teanna claims to owe her money or anything.

In an interview with No Jumper in March 2019, Teanna Trump said she had sex with a famous NBA player, which is the beginning of her adult film career. “So the person who put me in [adult films] was a player of Pacers.”

“I was 16 years old, he hit me on Instagram. We have photos, we have my 16 video and we have a s ** with this man. ”

She later clarified that the age of consent is 16 in Indiana so the act wasn’t illegal.

The Twitter Feud

Trump has sparked a fight on Twitter with Lil Baby’s girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, 23, over baseless cheating allegations. The drama began when Jayda joked that if someone asked her for nude photos, she would send pictures of herself in a nude photo. “Send me naked… ME :,” the model and businessman posted more than two photos of her in a beige coat and cream jackets, which she posted on Twitter on December 17.

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Teanna then decided to reply and stir some drama after seeing Jayda’s joke with pictures of naked people. “And that’s why you’ve been deceived ..,” replied the adult film star, even adding trying emoji. Teanna later suggested that she was suspicious of Lil Baby’s dishonesty by writing on Twitter, “She’d better check her details. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots. ”


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