Enola Holmes 2: Release Date, Story And Everything You Need To Know!

While you may have heard or may be a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, you may also have read all his stories. We know that when it comes to mystery and detective series, there is nothing better than the amazing series of Sherlock Holmes. However, it seems that the trait of a detective runs in the family.

The movie of Enola Holmes revolves around the sister of Sherlock Holmes – Enola Holmes. While Enola continues walking in the footsteps of her brother and takes on her steps in the mystery world, she also goes to London in order to look for her mother who disappeared. Released on 23rd of September 2020, it was produced by Enola Holmes herself and directed by Harry Bradbeer.

What can we expect in the second season?

Previously, Enola has met her mother after a series of events that make her realize that whatever happened, happened for a reason. She rescues the lord and then continues looking for her mother. However, her brother, in order to try and protect her, keeps differing her from doing so.

Mysteriously, Enola receives a code through a newspaper which, through her wits, she deciphers and understands that it might be from her mother. The code asked her to meet at a certain location. However, she was also skeptical of the fact that this might be a move played by her brother. After all, she is her sister and on can never be too careful.

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On going ahead, she returns with disappointment. However, it does not last for long as when she returns, she faces her mother and her brother together. Her mother makes an attempt at making her realize why she did what she did and then tried to further be secretive about where she is going to go from there in order. This was done assuming that she wanted to protect her daughter.

Enola learns that she has to find her own path and have a purpose of her own. The second movie should be continuing from their and focus more on Enola and her skills as a detective. We may also see her as parallel to Sherlock Holmes himself in terms of their skill sets. Because as we said before, she is his sister after all.

When can we expect Enola Holmes 2 to release?

The production of the second movie has not started itself. Even if it does, it may most probably start in 2021 and that means, the release date will most likely be announced officially in 2022.

But we are definitely excited to see what adventures and skills Enola, the sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, has in store for us.

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