Black Mirror Season 6: Three Best Ideas of the Upcoming Season

Black Mirror is a British science-fiction anthology television series which is created by Charlie Brooker. It took the dark side of the technology. In this, it examines our modern society with regards to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. The first two seasons were very popular that’s why Netflix opt the remaining season of it.

Fans make rumors that the year 2020 is just like Black mirror due to the COVID 19. The creator already created 5 seasons of black mirror and now he will create 6th season of it.

A mystery of this series

There will be no releasing date for it. Netflix wants to create new safety for the people during this pandemic. It is a very difficult time for Netflix to release season 6 or not. Basically, the truth behind this season is the release date of it is so far.

But media give their report that if all the things are in order and the government gives the permission only in that case the process of this season will progress and we all see the black mirror season 6 in 2022. As we all know that they invite new stars for their series but in this, they will not define yet.

They only said that they hire talented stars for their new series. We cannot give any best ideas for the new season as you know that they do not reveal their promo so it is very tough for the public to describe it.

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